NetScouts Basketball and GB Academy Camp in Prague

NetScouts Basketball and Get Better Academy will host our second annual Elite Skills and Exposure Camp. This camp will be open to boys and girls, aged 12-18. The event will feature skill development as well as the evaluation of all players and subsequent promotion of players who are capable of playing in the USA and would like to explore that opportunity.

We also will discuss the process of achieving eligibility in the USA at NCAA and NAIA schools as well as a process for bringing interested potential high school or prep school student-athletes to the USA. NetScouts Basketball will assist you to be placed in the USA at either a college or a prep school. The NetScouts Basketball/GB Academy Elite Skills and Exposure Camp will take place at GB Academy’s facility in Prague from July 30 – August 2, 2014. The flyer for the camp can be viewed here.

GBACamp3490The idea of this camp is to help improve everyone’s skill level and help interested players get placed in schools in the USA. The camp will be limited to 60 participants.


NetScouts Basketball will be on-site to evaluate each athlete and record their in game stats and camp ranking. All capable players from the event with an interest of attending school in the USA will be included in NetScouts Basketball’s International Recruiting Service to which many USA universities subscribe.

Space is limited to 60 participants.

Check out full information about the Camp, GBA Academy and Netscouts Basketball, here!


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