NY Liberty’s Low Post to Assist

In the first weekend of WNBA competition, teams want to assure they do things the simplest way to get it right, when we talk about tactics. That’s why most of the games appear to be a basic guide to play basketball and could be used to teach kids an effective way to play ball.

Bill Laimbeer has, in New York, a new duo which can be of bright future for the Liberty’s franchise. Anna Cruz is a very though Point Guard, who’s not afraid of physical confrontation, while Tina Charles is… well, Tina Charles. So one of the team plays is called by the Spanish Point Guard and will ask from Charles a good passing.

Cruz passes and goes for the screen
Cruz passes and goes for the screen

Anna Cruz delivers on the axe and goes for a screen on Tina Charles defense. The Center opens a low post spot and the Spanish returns outside, setting the movement of her teammates. With the ball on Tina Charles, she can dribble it once or twice, calling for a defensive help and setting three passing lines for the New York Liberty’s team.

Passing lines open for Tina Charles
Passing lines open for Tina Charles

At Chicago, New York Liberty scored 5 of 13 three-pointers, with this play being called and the shoot being made after a second pass outside the line, confusing the Sky’s defense.


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