Lynx’s Inbound Situation

With only six seconds to play and after a Lindsay Whalen turnover few seconds before, Cheryl Reeve needed one of her best players to perform the perfect play and draw the game, putting it to be definitely solved in overtime. Seimone Augustus was the key, even if Maya Moore was also on court. Of course that having three players who consist of real offensive menace was a potential big problem for the Connecticut Sun and so Reeve had to use that in her behalf.


She positioned Maya Moore and Lindsay Whalen in potential passing lines but put Maya out of the bay on the inbound situation, calling her to the corner. Lindsay Whalen walked towards Augustus, who had the ball, but was closed by the defensive helper.

play (1)

Then came Dantas. Dantas was an unexpected choice to receive the ball, but all she had to do was to protect the possession and handed it back to Augustus, who dribble to an empty space inside the Connecticut defensive line.

play (2)

The play was successful and the Lynx finished the night with a win over the Connecticut team, who showed how hard they are to beat when they are not obliged to do it. Some call it the rookie-bug…


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